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Self Care Should Not Be Complicated

When life gets busy and stress takes over, self care is often the first thing that suffers.  Missing out on the basics of self care only makes you feel more overwhelmed.  

  • Poor sleep leads to low energy making even basic tasks more difficult

  • Poor diet leads to feeling unwell and unmotivated

  • High stress causes muscle tension leading to aches and pains

At Highland Heart Health and Wellness we make self care simple.  When you book your free 15 minute consultation, our team draws on their expertise in all areas of health and wellness to create a care plan designed just for you.  Our experts will provide a custom treatment plan to get you on track to health and happiness.

Eliminate Stress

Say goodbye to overwhelm with treatments designed to help your mind and body stay relaxed and focused 

Customized Care

Get treatments customized just for you by a team of health experts so you can meet all your health and wellness goals

Healthy Habits Made Easy

Advice is only good if you can follow it, our accountability program makes healthy  habits easy.

We know what it feels like to look after everyone but yourself.  That's why our team is here to look after you


"I look forward to my massages with Renee, not only do they leave my body feeling great, they give me a rare opportunity to relax and look after myself for a change"



"I was hesitant to try acupuncture, not knowing what to expect, but now I can't imagine life without it! Not only did it help with my chronic pain, but after just a few treatments I was more relaxed and found myself able to easily handle things that used to cause me a lot of stress and anxiety."



"Just had an acupuncture facial, it was amazing! Thank you Jessica."


How It Works


Book Your FREE 15 Minute Consultation


Get your customized treatment plan

After your free consultation, you will receive a customized treatment plan that includes appointments with our experts who will provide treatment and education on self care so you can meet your health and wellness goals.  


Follow through

We make following through easy with online booking, direct billing to insurance providers,  automated reminders, and an accountability program to make self care easy so you can focus on health and happiness.  

At Highland Heart Health and Wellness we know that you want to be healthy and happy.  In order to do that, you need to prioritize self care.  The problem is, life is busy which makes you feel stressed out and overwhelmed.  We all know you can't give from an empty basket, you have to look after yourself first.  We understand it's hard to make yourself a priority which is why our experts draw on their experience in Acupuncture, Massage, and Nutrition to design a custom care plan to make healthy habits easy for you.  

Here's how we do it:

1. Book a free 15 minute consultation

2. Get a customized treatment plan

3. Follow through

So, schedule your free consult now.  And in the meantime, sign up for our FREE Beginners Guide to Healthy Habits online course.  So you can stop feeling burnt out and instead be healthy and happy.  

Register for our FREE Beginner's Guide to Healthy Habits Course

Make Self Care Easy

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