Registered Acupuncturist, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Margaret is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Driven by her compassion, Margaret takes pride in providing effective, pain free Acupuncture Treatments.  With a special emphasis on mental health,  Margaret helps people overcome stress and anxiety to live happier, healthier lives.  

Margaret graduated from the Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine where she studied Dr Xia Cheng's West East Integrative philosophy which she has carried with her through her practice today by working closely with other health professionals to provide collaborative care for her patients in order to get the best possible outcomes.  



Registered Acupuncturist

Jessica May Uhlman is a Registered Acupuncturist and trained at the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has always been passionate about health and wellness and believes that we were all meant to thrive and not merely survive.
Jessica May is thrilled to be offering and practicing such a rich tradition that encompasses the beauty and wisdom of integrative medicine and she looks forward to working with those who want to invest in their wellbeing.

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Alyssa Teed


Alyssa is a Dietician with a passion for evidence based care.  She is passionate about helping clients meet their health and wellness goals by developing a positive relationship with food.  Alyssa focuses on education, she takes a weight neutral approach and believes in the "all foods fit" approach to help you meet your nutrition goals without judgement. 

Alyssa spends her time teaching nutrition to youth online through Happy Kids Nutrition Academy. 


"The purpose of eating to nourish your body isn't just for physical health but also for mental, emotional, spiritual, and social health"

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We believe in community.  This is why we work hard to keep our services accessible to all members of our community.  We do this by ensuring our location is 100% accessible and by offering a variety of affordable services including weekly community acupuncture sessions.  

We believe in professionalism.   In a small town confidentiality becomes an even more crucial aspect of your care, you can trust that the professionals at Highland Heart Health and Wellness will respect your privacy and confidentiality.  We pride ourselves in being able to contribute to collaborative care while respecting confidentiality, we are happy to provide you with a report outlining the important details of your care to share with other members of your health care team as you deem necessary.

Environmentalism.  We share the values of our neighbors when it comes to respect for the environment.  We make a point of reducing waste associated with our services including using Acufast Earth Friendly Needles made with biodegradable packaging and low impact metals.